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Advice and Guidance / Policy:

1. The Citizens Advice Bureau service helps people resolve their legal, money and other problems by providing free information and advice from over 3,000 locations, and by influencing policymakers.

2. National Centre for Independent Living. This website is designed to be a resource on independent living and Direct Payments for disabled people and others working in the field.

3. The Disability Rights Commission (DRC) is an independent body established to stop discrimination and promote equality of opportunity for disabled people.

4. Department Of Health, legislation and guidance from the UK Government and the National Health Service.

5. Disability Alliance (DA), publishers of the Disability Rights Handbook, is regarded as the leading authority on social security benefits for disabled people.

Campaigning – Nationally:

1. Disability Now is the campaigning newspaper for disabled people.

2. RADAR is a national network of disability organisations and disabled people. We represent our members by fast-tracking your opinions and concerns to policy-makers and legislators in Westminster and Whitehall, and launching our own campaigns to promote equality for all disabled people.


1. All aspects of finding a home

2. The Housing Corporation is the government agency that funds new affordable homes and regulates housing associations in England.


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