Become a member

Become a member of the NBN Eastern Region (NBNER)

The NBN Eastern Region is a membership organisation for paid and unpaid support brokers and support planners in East Anglia. If you join the NBNER you sign up to a code of practice and a set of principles, so that membership becomes be a badge of quality and ethical practice.

The NBN believes in collaboration between brokers, so that paid and unpaid, independent and employed brokers should be facilitated to work together to best support their communities.

The NBN believes that having genuine choice is integral to the Personalisation agenda and the changes happening within social care. To this end, the NBN supports there being a diverse and transparent set of options for support brokerage available to disabled people, including the option to broker for themselves.

Essential to the ethos of the NBN is the notion of collaboration. Any network is only as strong as its members and the network’s success depends on the contributions of each member

Different types of Membership

Brokers can join in four ways, as Independent Brokers, Associate Brokers, Unpaid Brokers or as Friends of the NBNER.

Independent Brokers are likely to be self-employed people.
Associate Brokers are likely to be employed within the social care/voluntary/user-led sectors.
Peer brokers are likely to be volunteers, peer-brokers, DIY-brokers, and family brokers.
Friends of the NBNER are people who are not themselves brokers, but who wish to contribute to the network. Friends of the LBN may also be provider services who can show that they are able to offer services in a personalised and accountable way.

Organisations (including Local Authorities) can join the NBNER, but only via specific, named brokers.

All paid-broker members must have successfully undertaken the NBN brokerage training programme or an approved equivalent and be able to show that they have access to ongoing support and supervision. Independent brokers can access supervision via the network.

Benefits of Membership
National quality standards for independent brokers to work under and a chance to advertise their services on the website.
becoming part of a regional and national network
Sharing information & best practice
Discounted access to specialist seminars and ongoing training.
Access to support and supervision from your regional co-ordinators
Being part of an influential, stronger, demonstrable voice for change and good practice
As membership grows, it is anticipated that the network may be able to attract discounts for services such as insurance
Working across Local Authority boundaries
The ability to pool resources to bid for funding and tenders
The ability to pool resources to provide better services for our individual clients
The flexibility for the network to grow and respond to new challenges and opportunities

How to Join :

For full information on becoming a member of the NBNER please email Tony Phillips at or call for a chat on 01223 420850 or 07764 922385
Download the NBNER application form 2014
Download the NBN Eastern Region membership information sheet here

    nbnjigsawNBN East at Realife Trust, Orwell House, Cowley Road, Cambridge CB4 0PP

The National Brokerage Network


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