The NBN Eastern Region is hosted by the Cambridge Brokerage Network, part of the Realife Trust. Realife set up the National Brokerage Network in 2006 as part of joint work with the national self-directed support projects run by In Control and the Care Services Improvement Partnership from 2004-2008.

The majority of the NBN regions are hosted by existing not-for-profit organisation to ensure sustainability and low running costs. It also ensures that NBN services are rooted in local community development, run by and for disabled people, older people and family carers.

Find out more about the National Brokerage Network at www.nationalbrokeragenetwork.org.uk

What does a ‘support broker’ do?

Support Brokers offer:

  • independent information, advice and guidance on all aspects of independent living

  • support planning

  • direct payments and personal budgets support

  • negotiation with local authorities and care agencies

  • help with recruiting personal assistants

  • a wide range of optional follow up services including PA supervision; budget management: mediation and trouble-shooting

  • Accredited training for people who want to learn about support brokerage

if you would like to look at the NBN East Training Handbook  NBN complete 2014, you will find a detailed job description and just about anything else you care to mention on the subject of what brokers actually do!

We offer free-of-charge support to disabled people, older people and family carers where necessary and offer a three tier pricing strategy for our services as follows:

Level 1: ‘Pass it on’ – free support from the team and all you have to do is pass on the goodwill by doing something to help someone else…we don’t need to know what it is!

Level 2: ‘Make a donation’ – donate whatever small sum you can afford to our registered charity, the Realife Trust to help us to support other people for free

Level 3: ‘Paid brokerage’ – our rates are currently £27 per hour if you can afford to pay through, for example, private income, personal budget or direct payment, insurance settlement , local authority spot purchasing or project grant.


    nbnjigsawNBN East at Realife Trust, Orwell House, Cowley Road, Cambridge CB4 0PP

The National Brokerage Network www.nationalbrokeragenetwork.org.uk


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